My appeal to
King Abdallah bin Abdelaziz Al Saud

Is it correct to come to know that I/somebody had/has to live with a wrong family name for as long as 49 years?

I was born in Lebanon Beyrouth, lives now in Germany and have the German nationality. For seven years my father always expressed his love and admiration towards my mother, and yet, he disappeared without a trace and never bothered about his family's wellbeing afterwards.

Picture: My Mother and my father Prince Faisal bin Turki al Saud

She was forced to abort two times before he finally agreed to a pregnancy - but yet leaving her right after I was born. Is that correct?

As I met him for he first time in my life he started crying (while exposing his 'secret' - me being his son - to me,) and disappeared again after that. Then I received $1000 by mail what seemed to me just like he was trying to silence his bad conscience by doing so.

I never understood why he seems of not being able to truly own and accept his fathership, making me feel like not accepted son.

The only things I ask for are showing some affection for me, and respect for my mother, meet him once a while and talk to him. It does not matter to me who he is, he still is my father and I really do love him because of that. I often ponder over him and have dreams in whose he appears.

I ask myself often if being born is a sin?

I been brought up in a christian tradition way and respect that as my confession.

And yet again I also have Islamic roots. Why doesn't seem there to be any way of interest from him giving me the chance to become familiar also with his faith?

So now nobody except His Majesty and God the Almighty are able to judge on what is right or wrong, justice or injustice. That's why I mustn't be afraid and hopefully trust in what ever Your decision may be, because it is the truth.

I know God the Almighty exists and we won't live forever.


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